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Fires in Los Angeles: Fire Protection

Fires in Los Angeles: Fire Protection

Fires in Los Angeles

The Los Angeles Fire Department (LAFD) is the primary provider of fire protection and emergency medical services for the City of Los Angeles, California. It operates 5 fire-boats, provides services for fire cause determination, prevention and suppression, hazardous materials mitigation and emergency medical services.

The LAFD also operates a variety of specialized apparatus for urban search and rescue operations. Its fleet includes a triple combination fire engine which can be used for both aerial ladders and pumping operations. It also provides determination of fire prevention methods in order to reduce potential risks associated with the city’s population density.

The Thomas Fire

The Thomas Fire is an example of the devastation associated with wildfires, having been the largest Los Angeles area fire since 1933. It burned 96,000 acres and was only put out after over a month of being fought by about 5,000 firefighters. The event was especially destructive due to the worst Santa Ana wind events in a decade.

The DC (Washington) contingent attended half-time to assess the impact on public safety from such events and what could be done to prevent future fires from occurring. This event serves as an example of how powerful and devastating fire can be when it comes to experiencing Los Angeles area cities.

The 40-acre fire area was reported by the Los Angeles Fire Chief, but luckily it was quickly contained and the small fire put out. In order to put the smoke out, 50 mountain patrolmen were sent in addition to hose 27 and engine 56.

The engine presented virtually unlimited manpower as Captain Scott from company 56 said that they had found welfare workers and were able to contain the fire within Dam Canyon, which resulted in 46.83 acres of burned land.

The Fire Was Managed

The fire was managed by a specialist fire camp foreman, foreman fire captain, chief assistant fire chief, and chief deputy fire chief. Chief Pena was the one responsible for keeping the wild-land division in order and ensuring that all resources were available to contain the blaze.

Paramedic firefighter specialists, firefighter firefighters paramedics and other local volunteers aided in containing the park fire. Chief Acting Chief Deputy Robert was an unemployed studio technician who went to help out with the effort in East San Gabriel.

Los Angeles is a hot spot for fires which is why we offer fire watch guards. If you’re looking for fire protection services for your business, and/or your fire system is not working, then contact our fire watch guards now.

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