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The Importance of Fire Watch Guards

The Importance of Fire Watch Guards

Should You Hire a Fire Watch Guard?

Fire watch guards are assigned as an emergency first responder if an accident takes place where there are potentially hazardous objects that need to be protected from potential flames. These guards are used as a temporary arrangement in which the guard will be tasked to patrol around the establishment to inspect and monitor the property for any possible or current fire hazards. It is for these reasons that fire watch guards should undergo fire safety training so that they can better deal with any emergency situations that may arise.

Professionally Trained Fire Watch Guards

A good training program should include various types of fire drills, including the use of flammable liquids and other dangerous substances as well as real fires, and should also include the use of fire extinguishers. It should also involve the use of fire extinguisher alarms and signs.

The fire alarm system should be fully functional, and there should be multiple signs to inform people that the fire watch guard has arrived in order to protect them from fire. These signs include a siren that can be heard by everyone in the immediate area, the presence of a fire rescue box, a fire watch guard sin, and warning lights on the fire watch guard’s uniform.

Guide The Public

There should also be several fire watch guard signs in the immediate area to guide the public in the direction of the fire watch guard’s post. These signs should include the name of the business as well as the address and phone number. Some fire watch guards have their own personal vehicles. If this is the case, the vehicle should be parked so that it is easily accessible and visible to the public. The fire watch guard should also have a number of fire safety signs in his personal vehicle that can be seen from the vehicle.

Fire watch guard signs should also be placed in each entrance to the building as well as in each window and door of the establishment. These signs should include all of the details regarding the fire watch guard and the duties of the guard, including his name, the specific duties he performs, and any relevant training that he has undergone.

Safety Procedures

These signs should also include the fire safety procedures that are being implemented within the building, as well as the names and numbers of the persons who will be in charge of implementing the procedures and their responsibilities. These signs should also include fire safety tips to help people avoid any potential emergencies. Contact us now to learn more about our fire watch services.

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